Sextpanther, Your Partner at Your Comfort Amid A Pandemic

The current global pandemic, covid 19, has wholly brought a challenge to physical interaction. Some government has eliminated engagements in bars and restaurants. SextPanther has come to make life better at your comfort. SextPanther is an adult content-based platform that makes connections between its users and the content creators or models.

The content creators make videos, pictures, and creative messages to their users. This content is posted on the SextPanther platform, where it can only be accessed by users who have subscribed for it. Users create an account with the app and select membership levels that suit their needs. To access the content, users have to use their credit from the store that they have created. On the other hand, content creators get paid according to the connections that they have made with their users. Therefore, models sell their content while users buy it using their credit that they have already purchased. All these bring mutual benefit as models get income and users’ intimate relationship is met at their comfort.

While using other apps, some people are worried about their privacy. Dealing with SextPanther, you are guaranteed total privacy since your data is not shared with anyone. Whenever a user sends a message for a connection to be established, it is first received by the company then directed to the content creator without the mobile number. Therefore, the two parties connect without sharing private data. Furthermore, users can upgrade to the premium level, where they can sext with the content creators. There are over four million people who have signed with SextPanther.

The company has invested in the app and website platform to ensure that any person interested in sexting and other intimate needs can get these services at their comfort. In addition, the company gets some revenue from the users for their services of establishing these connections. SextPanther’s: Twitter.