PosiGen Improving Solar Power Leasing

PosiGen solar power company was founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans after the founders noticed a disparity in energy accessibility on an income level. They observed that higher income and wealthier residents were able to quickly install solar systems which are typically expensive and accessing great energy savings costs which resulted in them being able to quickly get their lives back on track and live largely uninterrupted by the aftermath of the hurricane. Meanwhile, Thomas Neyhart from PosiGen points out, lower income residents had a harder time accessing energy services because solar power was too expensive and out of reach. 


This set their ability to put their lives back together further as they struggled to get home energy they could afford for their day to day lives. PosiGen created a service that allows customers to affordably adopt solar power regardless of their income bracket and has seen this improve their overall social, economic and environmental wellbeing. The company works to provide solar power leasing options with a focus on saving the customer money. The company doesn’t focus on your credit score, Thomas Neyhart explains, average income or employment status. PosiGen uses a free pre-feasibility analysis carried out by engineers who calculate how much the customer would save with solar power installation. The company looks into how much energy customers are spending and determines whether solar power will provide any large savings. 


They also take into account how much solar power a customer’s roof top can generate based on its size, pitch and position, whether it’s in a shaded area which would affect how much sunlight it can receive and lower the amount of solar power it can generate. One of the PosiGen solar power company´s primary priority is to save all their customers money by offering the program through leased solar panels via a non-FICO based lease contract, no questions asked. The engineers at PosiGen, Thomas Neyhart points out, run the numbers against customer’s past electricity consumption and estimate how much money they’ll save with solar, making solar their minimum income guarantee which allows them to save enough money to pay the discounted fixed rate for the solar lease and installation and pocket the remaining balance. It’s a win for all their customers.