Haroldo Jacobovicz Interview on Ideamensch

With a background in Civil Engineering, Haroldo Jacobovicz has beaten the odds to venture into a different field and successfully compete to get a rightful share in the table. Haroldo Jacobovicz is a technology enthusiast, and he has founded three companies in this field that are competing successfully. Haroldo is the founder of the e-Governe, the Horizons Datacenter and the famous Horizons telecommunication.

Haroldo Jacobovicz was intrigued by the large pool of human talent available in the market. He went ahead to combine and bled technology with human resources to provide formidable solutions for the challenges the industry is facing.

Despite these companies being in existence for quite a short period, what is surprising is their impact on the Brazilian market. Is it not a surprise that Haroldo is a pioneering transformation in the digital sector using these companies? His Horizons telecommunication is among the forces behind the laying of the Brazilian optic fibre, and it’s one of the most no redundancy infrastructures in the country.

Its fibre network infrastructures are as competitive as any other around the world as the company employs the latest technology with state of the art equipment. In 2010, Horizons telecommunication got awarded as one the best and the most respected telecommunication company in supplies in Brazil and across the region. Such remarkable results have contributed heavily to motivating the team to perform well and, more importantly, outdo their targets.

The success posted by Horizons telecommunication led to the launching of their latest entrant into the market, the Horizons Datacenter. This company is designed and tailored towards assisting companies working with the sister Horizons telecommunication company achieve cloud capabilities and connectivity with ease. Since the company got incorporated in early 2020, its success and impact are getting filed.

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a Brazilian national raised by two civil engineers. He draws much of his inspirations from his parents, mainly his mother, who made history as the seventh female registered as a civil engineer in Brazil. Go Here for related Information.