Asot Michael Explains his Political Stance in Antigua and Barbuda

There are several reasons why Asot Michael has become an important figure for the people of the Caribbean. The Member of Parliament for the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party hopes to provide a bright future for the people of his Saint Peter Constituency and the nation. Looking back at the biography of Asot Michael provides a glimpse into the different eras of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party from the 1960s onwards. In the current political climate, Michael is an expert in finance and infrastructure at a time when both are needed to keep the nation moving forward.

The honorable politician Asot Michael was born into one of the most famous families in Antigua and Barbuda country, with his father losing his home in the 1968 riots. They have always had strong and traditional political roots. The whole Michael family remained truly committed to rebuilding Antigua and Barbuda during difficult financial times. Asot Michael has pointed out during recent interviews that in the 1970s, the MP’s father chose to sacrifice his own business to help the funding of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party. Philanthropy and political decision-making go hand in hand for the family of Asot Michael. 

As one of the most famous members of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, Asot Michael has played his role in bringing infrastructure programs to fruition. The work of Asot Michael includes his ability to help provide financial expertise for programs including the construction of new homes in financially stricken areas. Upon regaining political control of the nation, the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party were left with a housing crisis that required at least 500 new homes to be built. So far, under Asot Michael´s leadership, over 360 new homes have been constructed and equipped with high-speed internet access to increase the global position of Antigua and Barbuda.