A Distinguished Leader and Investor – Wes Edens

Wes Edens, the founder of NFE (New Fortress Energy), notes that his decision to invest in NBA Basketball Africa League is due to the incredible talent that comes out of Africa. He is optimistic about BAL and notes that it is important that the league becomes competitive.

In addition, Wes Edens is a sports fanatic and loves to make financial investments in several sports avenues. He is the owner of Milwaukee Bucks and also the premier league club Aston Villa. He continues to highlight that media and sports go hand in hand. Therefore, it is important that the media presence is strong enough in Africa to help cover the BAL. This way, it will reach a wider audience and will generate a huge following.

Wes Edens notes that Africa provides a great opportunity for New Fortress Energy to offer its services. Most countries in Africa lack power and energy, and this is where Wes Eden’s company comes in. He also notes that the company is willing to purchase gas to help it distribute its services across the various countries in Africa with ease. Wes Edens highlights the importance of having clear goals before investing and also being patient when it comes to investments.

He notes that Rwanda is a haven for good investments, and the fact that it has a good leader, who drives the country in the right direction, makes it worth the while to invest in. Mr. Edens highlights that even some of the biggest leagues across the world had to start from somewhere. Therefore, he is positive that BAL will evolve into a league that will be admired by many. Also, the NBA leadership, as well as the African committee, will discuss some of the ways to ensure that the league progresses with ease and on how to address some of the hindrances such as travel. Go Here for related Information.