January 3

Throwing Money Away On High Interest Rates? Stop today!

Everyone has come to a place in their life where they realize they are throwing money away with an unrelenting, high interest rate. Month after month, they begrudgingly make their payments; eventually, they finally they have enough and say, “It’s time to slash my payments!”


Often when one comes to this epiphany, the thought of refinancing overwhelms them as they envision long, endless hours dealing with many different lenders. Adding insult to injury is that fact that their credit scores drop lower and lower with each call they make! Discouraged, one may wonder if they should even bother to continue their quest for financial relief.


Although refinancing appears like too much trouble to obtain, most people find that the pros far outweigh the cons of doing so. If your interest rate is too high, it is most definitely worth your time to lower it. Not only can it slash your monthly payment, but you most likely experience the immediate financial relief you have longed for.


Just a few percentage points could lower your payments by over $50 per month. That is over $600 per year! This is money that you could do so much more with than simply throwing it away on a high interest rate! Just think of the possibilities. You could go on a vacation, put it into savings, pay extra on the principle on your mortgage, or take your spouse out to dinner more often. Refinancing can even help you pay off your auto loan early!


While on your search for lenders, give the experts at Ignition Financial a try. They are very knowledgeable and guaranteed to match you up with the best refinancing options for you. You can even apply right on their website, www.ignitionfinancial.org.


Ignition Financial also has options to protect your refinanced loan in three critical areas: Unexpected and expensive vehicle repairs, if your primary insurance doesn’t pay off the loan should your car be totaled or stolen, and tire/wheel damage from hazardous roads.


They will guide you gently every step of the way so there is nothing to fear. Lower that stressful, pesky payment today!




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