March 6

Rocketship Education Reveals What Has Been Learned From A Decade in Operation

In 2006, Preston Smith and John Danner were two former public school educators dreaming of making a difference for low-income families striving to simply provide the best education available for their children. Fast forward to 2018 and the founders of the non-profit Rocketship Education charter school program sit at the head of a national organization with more than ten institutions across the states of California, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C. with families praising the positive impact Rocketship Education has had on their lives.

The success achieved by Rocketship Education is based on a range of different activities and programs based on creating a positive environment for students at school and with their families. One of the most effective and impressive aspects of the Rocketship Education program has been the use of home visits by educators to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing students in their everyday lives; the development of relationships between educators and families have been increased through the use of a greater level of understanding between both parties.

For the founders of Rocketship Education, the power of parents is part of the key to the continued development of charter school programs across the nation. Focusing solely on providing a charter school experience for the youngest members of the community has allowed the charter school system to focus its efforts on providing the best possible start for students at the school; a parent leadership program has also been developed to assist in educating parents in the needs of students in terms of charter schools when they leave the Rocketship Education program to help gain a better understanding of the needs of students of all ages.

One of the greatest challenges facing Rocketship Education over the course of its first decade in existence has been the need to create a better understanding of what a charter school can provide for students. Rocketship Education wants the world to know a charter school is about much more than simply adding technology to the public school curriculum and can make all the difference in effectively changing the educational path of students and their families.

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