August 4

The Numerous Achievements Of Dr. Scott Rocklage

Dr. Scott Rocklage is famous for being a managing partner at 5AMVentures, a highly reputable and successful venture capital firm. He joined the company in 2003 and became a managing partner about a year after due to his immeasurable contribution to the growth of the company.

He has several years of experience in healthcare management. In fact, he has more than thirty years’ experience in healthcare management. Dr. Rocklage was instrumental to the approval of some drug applications in the United States. Some of the drugs include Omniscan, Teslascan and Cubicin. Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

He gathered his work experience while working for different healthcare organizations like Novira, Relypsa, Catalytica, Salutar, Nycomed Salutar and Cubist Pharmaceutical just to mention a few.

He worked in different positions in each of the organizations. He served as the chairman of about four pharmaceutical companies. He was the president in some of them and he was the Chief Executive Officer of some of them. Read more:  Sccot Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

The best part is that he held more than one executive position in some of them at the same time. For example, he was the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals at the same time. Can you beat that?

He was also the President and Chief Executive Officer at Nycomed Salutar. He was the Chairman of the Board at Relypsa and Novira. Besides being a managing partner at 5AM Ventures, he is still holding key positions in several other organizations. He is the current Chairman of the Board at Rennovia, Kinestral and Cidara.

Dr. Scott Rocklage is also still a member of the board of companies like Epirus and Pulmatrix. What could have led to this outstanding career? May be it is his outstanding academic background. He acquired a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from University of California in Berkeley and also earned a Ph.D in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

One of his outstanding achievements as a student was having the privilege to conduct his research work in Richard Schrock’s laboratory. In case you don’t know Richard Schrock, he is a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. He won the prize in 2005.

Dr. Rocklage has invented over 30 patents in the United States and he has published over one hundred research papers. There is no doubt, his successful career is highly impressive and worthy of honor and recognition.

August 2

Kate Hudson Increases Her Fame and Tries New Ventures with Fabletics

When people think about Fabletics, they also think about Kate Hudson. After all, she is the one person who has contributed a lot to the creation of the brand. Therefore, she is the one who is going to be involved with a lot of the marketing. This is good for Fabletics because she is one of the more admired people when it comes to style. Therefore, when she markets Fabletics, it only works in the favor of the brand. For one thing, she is already a famous celebrity. When a company starts up and gets the backing of a celebrity, then it is going to have a much better chance of taking off than without a celebrity.


One thing that makes Kate Hudson so famous is that she is an actress. She has appeared in films like Almost Famous. Seeing that she is now one of the owners of the Fabletics brand, one can say that she has come a long way. Given that she is so passionate about fashion and making sure that she is dressed in an elegant way, it is fitting that she would get involved with a company that sells high fashion for customers. However, she is also passionate about inspiring people.


One of the most frustrating things about high fashion stores is that all of their clothes tend to be priced out of the reach of the average customer. Therefore, they often walk into the store only to walk back out never to return. With Fabletics, they want to make sure that the customer is able to save money. Therefore, the company has them sign up for a paid membership which includes a free outfit to go along with the outfits they choose. The best thing about it is that they are given a free outfit according to the data they give the company.


One thing Kate Hudson has done is help differentiate Fabletics from all of the other fashion retailers. People are slowly catching on to the advantage that Fabletics gives them. Fabletics also keeps in touch with its customers and informs them of new promotions.

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July 30

Fighting for the rights of the Immigrant Population

The migrants are not just their immigration status. Politicians now are discussing those who can legally go through the border. As they do this, the immigrants are wondering; if they will be underpaid again, if their children will be safe when they are deported, if they can safely call 911 in the case of an emergency, and if the color of their skin will affect the chances they have in court.

The ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Projects is an organization that is working towards fighting for the rights of these immigrants. They use public outreach and advocacy so that they protect the civil rights and the civil liberties of the immigrants. They focus on those challenging laws that do not allow the immigrants to have access to the judicial system.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are owners of a major newspaper in Phoenix known as New Times and Village Voice Media. These two journalists were arrested in October 2007 from their own homes in the middle of the night. Sheriff Joe Arpaio made the arrest. They were arrested because they published an article that revealed that there was a grand jury that demanded some notes that covered the sheriff. That was not the end of it.

They further went to demand for the names of those citizens who read the New Times story online. They specifically wanted the names of those who had read the articles concerning the sheriff. These two journalists had always worked to defend their first amendment rights.

The charges that were against them were dropped by the attorney of the county, Andrew Thomas. They sued the county for this abuse of power. Maricopa County handled the case, and they got a settlement of 3.75 million dollars. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter

These journalists then decided to use the money they got to begin the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund. The fund aims at supporting the civil, human and migrants’ rights. They also aim at fighting for the freedom of speech and the participation of civic in the whole of Arizona. The foundation has been a benefit to the Hispanic community in Arizona. The community has been a target for the unfair and racial animus and the abuses of the civil rights.

There is one other organization that has a close relation to the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The organization is the Border Angels also known as Angeles de Frontera. Enrique Morones founded this foundation in the year 1986. It is a non-profit organization that is found in San Diego.

Similar to the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, it has its primary focus on the rights of the migrants. Larkin and Lacey also deal with the immigration reforms and preventing the deaths of the migrants along the borders.

The program also deals with the community education and awareness programs. These programs involve guided trips to the deserts. They then place water along the crossing routes for migrants.

They also go to the borders to learn the US-Mexico history and deal with the boundary fence first hand. It also deals with the immigrant population in San Diego County. It uses some outreach and free legal assistance program that is in their offices every Tuesday.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

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July 28

Let’s Socialize, Says Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe has made it to the top 30 over 30 for her great innovations. She is a focused woman, who hardly has time to meet new friends physically. Her study revealed that the modern independent woman hardly has time to go to bars or clubs to meet appropriate mates. She also realized that even though she was to go to such avenues, she would hardly meet the man of her taste. What better strategy was there than to launch an App that would help her meet an appropriate mate?

With that in mind, the idea of Bumble App was birthed and brought into reality. The woman would now meet the mate she so much desired to meet yet had no time to meet. Although many successful opposite-sex relationships were formed, Whitney Wolfe realized that women also used the app to form social bonds among themselves. She fathomed that the woman in America took longer to get married than was previously the case. To make good use of the time spent waiting, the American Woman needed trustworthy friends, whom she could meet via Bumble BFF. Whitney then came up with the idea and launched the module within Bumble App.

To get Bumble BFF, one needs to download the Bumble App and then choose the Bumble BFF module. The App then uses the Facebook information to fill one’s profile. One also offers a little description about the kind of friends they want and about their likes, interests, and hobbies. One also chooses the locations their friends should reside.

Whitney Wolfe
Whitney Wolfe is a prominent figure, who has been named as top 30 under 30 in the Forbes list. She has also been named in the same category in the Business Insider. Elle’s tech list also recognized her among the leading women of influence in the world.

July 10

MoPac May Be One of Many Solutions to the Congestion Problems in Austin, Texas

There are many solutions out there for mobile development, and another has come out now called the MoPac Project. Many professionals have warned that the traffic congestions in the Austin, Texas area will increase massively in the future if something is not done to better control the city’s traffic patterns. They will need many resources to control their traffic woes, and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority will be considering a range of options to best control this situation. Sometimes it will include building additional roads throughout the area, and other times it will be more express lanes, however, in some areas even offering express lanes hasn’t fixed the mobility situation the city faces. Tolls will help control the traffic flow throughout the city as the varying levels of tolls offered will fluctuate more in the future with some being more or less expensive than others. This will also help fund the growing needs for more roads and projects in the future. Sometimes making roads “smart roads” can also help, but that development is still a bit in the future. MoPac is currently not big enough to ensure that they are the giants that the area needs to fix the problems, but as they continue growth they could become a vital player in the game.


Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and possesses a Masters in Government & Business Administration. He cites Austin, Texas as one of America’s fastest-growing suburbs, and agrees that a traffic solution is vital to ensuring no more congestion occurs throughout the already very busy city. During his 30 years in office, Heiligenstein has really put work into the infrastructure projects throughout Austin, Texas. These include many transportation projects to help manage traffic flow better, and he has also served on the Texas Transportation Institute and has worked on the International, Bridge, Tunnel, & Turnpike Association. There are many solutions to the issues that are causing problems in Austin, Texas on the roads, and Mike Heiligenstein is committed to finding a combination of solutions that work for them.





July 5

Why You Should Be Washing With Cleansing Conditioner

If you think those bubbles in those traditional shampoos you are washing your hair with are doing you any favors then you might want to take a deeper look. Those bottles of suds are actually formulated to strip away all the natural good vitamins and oils in your hair, leaving you with dry hair that is prone to breakage.

This is because the hair has no natural lubrication and relies on those oils that are produced from the roots of your hair to keep your hair protected, lustrous, and moisturized.

Most hair caring products are designed with harsh chemicals to give it that soapy bubbly feel without much thought on what it is actually doing to your hair. One of these ingredients is sulfates like sodium laurel sulfate which are found in most shampoos and conditioners and are known to irritate the skin, can cause your hair color to fade, causes your hair to become brittle, and even could be cancer-causing.

There is a much more natural way to wash and nature your hair to its full glory. Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a 5-in-1 solution that gives you the clean your hair needs without the harmful sulfates, so you don’t have to worry about absorbing any harmful chemicals that you would get from ordinary shampoos and it won’t strip away the natural oils that your hair naturally produces, because it is made from natural ingredients so you are only left with shiny, strong, moisturized hair.

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June 29

Cotemar – Making Dreams a Reality

Since its inception, Cotemar has presented itself as a premier brand in its industry and in Mexico. The company was founded in 1979 in The Gulf of Mexico and provides top of the line integrated E&P services offshore. Years of knowledge and distinguished infrastructure gives the company an upper hand in delivering better services at affordable rates.

Cotemar prides themselves on being a company of efficiency, experience, and excellence. The company culture at Cotemar is that of a courageous spirit. All are committed to bringing superior service to those involved with the community whether it be fellow employees or clients.

They understand that in order to maintain a stature of success, the team must work diligently to ensure that everyone knows that they are of value and their best efforts are what keeps the company flourishing.

Cotemar maintains core values that should be mirrored by any company hoping to build a lasting legacy in their industry. These values consist of innovation, reliability, integrity, responsibility and collaboration. The company thrives on improving the environment of the company because this in term helps to improve their services which keeps clients satisfied.

Cotemar is a company that gets it. Many big businesses have a high turnover rate because they fail in the most important areas where Cotemar thrives. Business is more than getting the most dollars out of your client. Businesses are created by dreamers to fulfill a void they deem is needed by others.

The objective is to form a trusting connection with that individual and show them that you understand their needs, and want to be apart of that journey. You want them to trust you in bringing their vision into fruition. That is where companies like Cotemar come in. They want to join you on your journey and see that your visions come to life through their best efforts.

Learn more about Cotemar:,-S.a.-De-C.v.-en-Ciudad-del-Carmen,-Camp

June 27

EOS Lip Balm: The best In Natural Flavors and Oral Health

When you think of lip balms, many people picture these products as boring and dull. Just something to smear on the lips to keep them from getting chapped. Many lip balms cover up the issue instead of treating the issue. Like any health issue or inconvenience, you’ll need to reach the source of the issue to control or treat it. This is where Evolution of Smooth (EOS) stands out from the competitors. Visit for more great stories.

Evolution of Smooth out performs the rest because the company uses a variety of natural healing agents in their products, proceed here. Not just adding a perfumed scent, but rather adding authentic ingredients that work wonders for your oral health needs. Do you like having a wide assortment to choose from in-terms of flavor? Do you like your products to be natural and side effect free? If so, (EOS) is the answer to all of your lip health needs as they are produced with essential oils, natural vitamins, and antioxidants. You won’t a better oral health brand and one of the best parts is that these ointments come in many tasty flavors such as:


  • Vanilla Bean
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Medicated Tangerine
  • Menthol
  • Blueberry Acai
  • Lemon Drop
  • Summer Fruit
  • Sweet Mint
  • Honey Suckle (Honey Dew)


Every taste of the rainbow can be found with this revolutionary brand and click for a more in-depth look at the smooth sphere’s collection.

The time is now. You can fight hard, chapped, dry, and sore lips with the best brand in the business. Evolution of Smooth is truly an evolution in oral lip care service. Watch more exciting videos here on


June 26

Jeremy Goldstein part of New York’s new legal assistance service

New Yorkers may possible need legal assistance when faced with an legal matter, including a criminal matter, child custody dispute case, write your will, help with a landlord-tenant problem or other legal issue. Luckily the New York State Bar Association has launched a service that makes it fast and easy to find legal help within their own community.


The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service, recently launched an online service for New Yorkers who are in need of a lawyer. The service is completely confidential and offered 24 hours a day. New Yorkers can still use the LRIS phone service. The New York State Bar Association properly vetted and approved these lawyers and are in good legal standing. The NY State Bar Association and launched this service together. provides referral technology for those in the legal field.


Lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein are able to provide legal services to a greater number of people at a lower cost. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service has helped dozens of lawyer practices expand across New York.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the best lawyers in New York. He is currently a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. Jeremy Goldstein has offered his advice to many CEOs and corporations when it came to issues such as executive compensation and corporate governance.


Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in several major corporate transactions in the country over the last 10 years. He oversaw the purchase of Goodrich by United Technologies. Jeremy Goldstein also oversaw the Cingular merger with AT&T Wireless. He routinely writes and speaks on the issue of corporate governance and compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein received his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and received his J.D. from New York University Law School. Jeremy Goldstein continues to offer his services at his legal firm.


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June 24

EOS Lip Balm Flavor Favorite: Strawberry Sorbet

EOS is a beauty care brand that presents itself much differently than the competition, and so far, the uniqueness they’ve brought to the industry is getting the brand ahead of the game. Evolution of Smooth began selling their lip balms on a pharmacy shelf just seven years ago, and now, the brand sells more balms per week than Chapstick, the brand that many people turned to for their lip care needs for over 100 years.

There’s many things about the EOS brand that excites customers. The fact that the company listened to what consumers wanted is a difference that is valued and appreciated. When EOS designed their lip balm, they did so with knowledge that consumers wanted something fun, something flavorful, and a product that was natural and really soothed the lips. Their sphere shaped balms are made to excite all of the senses and leave you fulfilled without any added ingredients for your peace of mind. Read more here on

The lip balm flavors excite most customers, and serves as the first attraction to the product. Strawberry Sorbet is one of the seven available EOS lip balm flavors, and perhaps the orb flavor that most people grab first, click over here now. The tantalizing taste of fresh strawberries and cream is enough to leave anyone satisfied with their lip balm experience. With a low cost, less than $4 per sphere, you can try Strawberry Sorbet yourself, and find out if you love it as much as the rest. If not, there’s still six great flavors waiting for you to experience.

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