January 16

Nationwide Title Clearing Offers New Ordering System To Its Clients

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) responded to calls for action within the mortgage industry by launching their revamped website, making property reports available through their online ordering system.



Title defects have become a major problem within the industry, with some people feeling they cause wrongful foreclosures or contribute to the market’s stagnation. Property records, according to experts, are the key to reducing the risk of buyback and ensuring a clear title conveyance. Nationwide Title Clearing is a leader in research and document processing and is addressing concerns with their updated website.



This is not the only factor however, and other factors that could possibly render a title invalid include the failure to follow proper filing procedures, failure to include a necessary signature, issues with document wording, and any previous liens that have not removed.



Because of these factors, CEO of NTC John Hillman feels addressing any of these title defects before the property is transferred is paramount. The company has made the following reports available through their online ordering system: tax status reports, assignment verification report services, and current owner reports.



NTC makes it their goal to give their clients a fast and simple process of securing reports. Their services are based on data retrieved from actual land record and are available on any residential property in the country. They gather their information from numerous sources and is verified using both automation and human verification. This practice has allowed NTC the ability to be successful and serve some of the largest lenders in the country under extremely heavy compliance regulations.



NTC claims that their services produce extremely accurate results for what their client needs. Their systems can even recognize when a client is ordering too many documents or if those documents could not be of any use to the client. The company understands the end result fully, which allows them to customize property reports with the correct data.



Nationwide Title Clearing is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. Founded in 1991, NTC is one of the leading privately-owned research and document-processing provider to the mortgage industry. The company serves servicers and investors, and mortgage lenders.



NTC is known for their high level of accuracy in their research services and the quality of the document processing, setting the industry’s standards. The experts at NTC can track and fulfill county document requirements in every single recording jurisdiction across the country, 3,600 jurisdictions nationwide. Their specialty includes lien release services, property reports, final document tracking, land records research, and document retrieval.

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