July 10

MoPac May Be One of Many Solutions to the Congestion Problems in Austin, Texas

There are many solutions out there for mobile development, and another has come out now called the MoPac Project. Many professionals have warned that the traffic congestions in the Austin, Texas area will increase massively in the future if something is not done to better control the city’s traffic patterns. They will need many resources to control their traffic woes, and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority will be considering a range of options to best control this situation. Sometimes it will include building additional roads throughout the area, and other times it will be more express lanes, however, in some areas even offering express lanes hasn’t fixed the mobility situation the city faces. Tolls will help control the traffic flow throughout the city as the varying levels of tolls offered will fluctuate more in the future with some being more or less expensive than others. This will also help fund the growing needs for more roads and projects in the future. Sometimes making roads “smart roads” can also help, but that development is still a bit in the future. MoPac is currently not big enough to ensure that they are the giants that the area needs to fix the problems, but as they continue growth they could become a vital player in the game.


Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and possesses a Masters in Government & Business Administration. He cites Austin, Texas as one of America’s fastest-growing suburbs, and agrees that a traffic solution is vital to ensuring no more congestion occurs throughout the already very busy city. During his 30 years in office, Heiligenstein has really put work into the infrastructure projects throughout Austin, Texas. These include many transportation projects to help manage traffic flow better, and he has also served on the Texas Transportation Institute and has worked on the International, Bridge, Tunnel, & Turnpike Association. There are many solutions to the issues that are causing problems in Austin, Texas on the roads, and Mike Heiligenstein is committed to finding a combination of solutions that work for them.


Read more at http://www.mystatesman.com/news/opinion/things-know-about-the-central-texas-regional-mobility-authority/HuPXTyFcN0TaD5rcsPXZqN/.



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