Jason Hughes, Tenant Representation Pioneer in San Diego

As a pioneer in tenet representation in the San Diego area, Jason Hughes has created a niche market that helps buyers find important aspects of their lease that they might not otherwise be able to identify. Leases, especially commercial leases, are difficult to navigate even for the savviest of buyers. Jason Hughes has made it his business and his life’s work to help those buyers review their leases, analyze them, audit them and save money every year. 


San Diego is a hot market for commercial property, and because of that, every penny saved by businesses can streamline the bottom line. The successful businessman and entrepreneur and his company Hughes Marino have set the standard in the industry by ensuring commercial leases are fair for both parties. Traditionally, Jason Hughes explains, brokers worked for the landlords, the owners of the property.


Jason Hughes has turned that model upside-down with the new tenant-based and tenant-serving model ensuring that contracts are written for the benefit of those who are bound by the contract every day, working in and out of the buildings constantly. The  Covid-19 pandemic changed how business works in many ways, this is just one more adjustment businesses need to make. With offices across the country, Hughes Marino’s headquarters is in Jason Hughes hometown of San Diego, a corporate hub for hundreds of businesses and thus, hundreds of leases and tenants who can benefit from Hughes Marion’s work. 

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