James Dondero Proudly Summons Investment In The Great City Of Dallas

James Dondero is an investment expert, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Jim is the Highland Capital Investment founding member, an investment firm in the region. Also, some call him Jim Dondero or Jim. Dondero has worked in the financial industry for more than 35 years and has been a business owner for at least two decades.

James Dondero’s expertise and abilities in many market areas are recognized in the industry. After serving for years in various companies, James Dondero left the position of the successful portfolio manager and founded his own investment company. He is responsible for managing approximately US$1 billion, most of which are fixed-income funds. James Dondero joined Mark Okada, his friend, to launch the organization in 1993.

James Dondero is the director and president of the company. James Dondero pursued a finance and accounting degree from the University of Virginia and later studied another course at McIntyre School of Business.

Jim Dondero joined JP Morgan Chase as an investment analyst in 1984 and obtained his first financial position. At Highland Capital Management, Jim provides services to different investors in Dallas (United States) and worldwide. His company is a portfolio manager leading in hedge fund management, fixed-income investments, and mutual funds.

James Dondero has made many outstanding charity contributions to the Dallas community. For years, he has devoted his life and leads his company in giving back to change the lives of many profoundly. James Dondero has shown his commitment to people and communities by generously donating his resources and time during his successful career.

Together with his colleague, Jim achieved great success in their company. The famous business world has made James Dondero a door name across the industry. His firm founded a philanthropy establishment, the Highland Capital Foundation, which has made essential contributions in Dallas for family organizations, various organizations such as the Dallas Zoo, and the Texas Brain Health Center. Go to this page for more information.


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