August 17

Have You Heard of Lime Crime by Doe Deere? You Will!

Galore Magazine did an interview with the designer and entrepreneur behind Lime Crime. If you haven’t yet heard of this company, you will definitely be hearing of it soon. It was founded by a woman named Doe Deere.

Doe Deere this makeup line because she loved color. Of course, everyone knows that makeup has a little bit to do with color. You might use a light blue eyeshadow or some red lipstick. You probably have a pink blusher and maybe even some sparkly eyeliner.

But when it comes to the makeup sold at Lime Crime, these sorts of colors look tame. Doe Deere uses color in all forms. You probably can’t even imagine the types of colors she uses. We’re talking about orange and purple lipsticks, bright green eyeshadows and even brighter eyeliners and mascaras. You can find blush in colors like yellow, fuchsia and silver. These certainly aren’t your typical makeup items, but girls and guys everywhere are loving them.

In the interview, one of the things that Doe Deere particularly wanted to mention was that she was hoping to be an inspiration to young girls and women who were looking to make their own way in the world of business.

Doe Deere never really knew how to put makeup on properly when she was younger. Even in middle school and high school, she didn’t learn the technically correct ways of applying makeup. But that didn’t stop her.

Since being a child, she loved color in all of its most beautiful forms. She wore all different types of colors on her body, and she always used makeup even if she wasn’t exactly sure how to apply it correctly. She would even take some makeup out of her mother’s purse when she was very small.

In the early 2000s, she started to make online videos of her makeup ideas. Viewers loved it, and she gained a following. She soon created her makeup company, and that is the Lime Crime we see today.  Be sure to check them out for yourself via Doe’s complete collection on Amazon.

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    She said that she truly loves working online, and this is certainly where her company started the beginning. She would put rhinestones on her eyebrows and make her cheeks purple and green. I would like to say that would really have to compensate for these things.

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