January 11

Farsighted Businessman, Bernardo Chua, Sees Opportunity in Ancient Ways

Chinese-Philippino, Bernardo Chua, has built a modern empire on the ways of his people’s empires of old. Growing up in both China and the Phillippines, Chua, ethnically Han, developed a love and appreciation both for the bustling modern cities of Southeast Asia as well as the closely-held traditional ways of the Central Chinese villager. With a childhood steeped in the traditions of a civilization formed over millennia, he gained a strong respect for, among other things, the incredible healing power of traditional Chinese medicine.

Gunpowder, paper and the first effective medical treatments

The term folk medicine is applied to many disparate categories of non-Western attempts at healing the sick. Acoording to The Street, what Bernardo Chua understood, which still escapes many Western researchers, is that Chinese folk medicine relied almost entirely on actual bioactive agents to fight disease and ameliorate pain. In this sense, it has nothing at all to do with the primitive antics of an African medicine man or the incantations of a Sioux elder.

While the Chinese didn’t have modern tools of research and drug development, many of its most potent agents had been known for centuries or more and had proven themselves effective over such vast periods of time.

One of the most potent Chinese remedies is the mushroom genus, Ganoderma. Chua had the foresight to see the power of this ancient remedy far before Western researchers became aware of its sundry benefits. Today, this potent mushroom is being actively studied by major drug companies, using its more than 400 bioactive isolates in trials for a multitude of treatment modalities.

Chua, for his part, founded his company, Organo, to bring the salutary effects of Ganoderma to a global base of consumers. Selling everything from Coffee to teas to food items, Organo is allowing people the world over to enjoy the powerful healing effects of this natural miracle agent.

Through its network of over 1,000,000 marketers, Organo continues to develop and sell Ganoderma-based products, improving the lives and health of tens of millions of people around the globe.

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