June 24

EOS Lip Balm Flavor Favorite: Strawberry Sorbet

EOS is a beauty care brand that presents itself much differently than the competition, and so far, the uniqueness they’ve brought to the industry is getting the brand ahead of the game. Evolution of Smooth began selling their lip balms on a walgreens.com pharmacy shelf just seven years ago, and now, the brand sells more balms per week than Chapstick, the brand that many people turned to for their lip care needs for over 100 years.

There’s many things about the EOS brand that excites customers. The fact that the company listened to what consumers wanted is a difference that is valued and appreciated. When EOS designed their lip balm, they did so with knowledge that consumers wanted something fun, something flavorful, and a product that was natural and really soothed the lips. Their sphere shaped balms are made to excite all of the senses and leave you fulfilled without any added ingredients for your peace of mind. Read more here on blogwebpedia.com.

The lip balm flavors excite most customers, and serves as the first attraction to the product. Strawberry Sorbet is one of the seven available EOS lip balm flavors, and perhaps the orb flavor that most people grab first, click over here now. The tantalizing taste of fresh strawberries and cream is enough to leave anyone satisfied with their lip balm experience. With a low cost, less than $4 per sphere, you can try Strawberry Sorbet yourself, and find out if you love it as much as the rest. If not, there’s still six great flavors waiting for you to experience.

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