June 15

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Packs a Glittery Punch

Grown in New York City, Doe Deere is an unstoppable lady entrepreneur with an eye for electric colors and a thriving cosmetic business. Lime Crime, her brain child, is a cruelty-free, vegan, rainbow soaked dream for make-up lovers and hair aficionados alike. Lime Crime’s roots go back to 2004, when Deere faced a conundrum almost everyone faces; choosing a slick username for an online profile- in her case, starting up a shop on eBay. Four years later, Lime Crime stuck, and Deere produced and released her first line of beauty products.

Today, Lime Crime is a cult favorite with a glittering internet fanbase, known as Unicorns to Deere. Lime Crime’s online shop features romantic eyeshadow palettes, a swath of gorgeous lipsticks, pop on nails, highlighters, and a new line of hair dyes, dubbed ‘Unicorn Hair’. For the most part, these products are found online on their website, but some products have been featured in nationwide shops such as Urban Outfitters.

It goes without mentioning that Deere, as a beauty company CEO, adores makeup. While her own flawless final look might be a little intimidating to novices, she shares that her routine secrets are close to what most of us do in the morning. She makes an effort to get in a good night’s sleep, and insists that this is the first step to keeping skin clear. She also suggests staying hydrated, cleansing the skin with a gentle cleanser, moisturizing, and then applying any foundation. She mentions that her routine can take minutes or even up to an hour, depending on the type of day.

Deere is full of tried and true advice, but not just about makeup. She is, as a successful female entrepreneur, devoted to investing back into girl bosses around the nation. She takes time to mentor aspiring business owners as well as speaking at events centered around successful entrepreneurship. She also chats and shares advice with fans on her Instagram page, @doedeere. There, you can see her bright style, makeup tips, Lime Crime announcements, and if you’re lucky, a rare photo of one of her adorable Persian cats.

At the end of the day, edgy lollipop color scheme lovers are bound to enjoy in the product line and vibe Lime Crime has to offer. This is all definitely a result of Deere, who set out to make a product to match her own style, filling in a void in the beauty world.

Posted June 15, 2017 by Shell in category "Cosmetics Industry