February 12

Contour Design NewsWatch TV Review

Contour Designs is a company that researches and designs computer input devices. NewsWatch TV supplied a video showing a review on one of Contour Design’s many computer products: The Ultimate Workstation RollerMouse Red. This ultimate workstation was designed with computer users in mind by completely eliminating the need for the traditional keyboard and mouse setup. The ultimate workstation has many unique and helpful features that will create a more efficient experience for any computer user. Some of these great features include its effortless control. The RollerMouse Red has a roller-bar that is considerably larger than any of its predecessors as well as a digital left click which Contour claims will minimize any strain on the finger. With this set up, the user is also able to choose their level of support by determining the keyboard’s pitch of balance since RollerMouse Red has three different tilts to choose from: negative, flat, and positive. Having these different options ensures the maximum level of comfort while working with this product. The biggest perk about the RollerMouse Red is the fact that it is completely wireless with no need for an on/off switch due to its power saving feature. This eliminates wire clutter on one’s desk creating a more organized and useful workspace.


NewsWatch TV provides a plethora of reviews and videos on the latest technological products and apps, interesting as well as entertaining news stories within a variety of different subjects, and business reports such as the “biz report” done on Neuromation. NewsWatch TV also provides its readers with consumer updates, tech reports, and provides insight on the newest and up and coming apps for smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android. NewsWatch TV is a great platform for anyone who love to discover and learn new concepts and ideas.


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