May 5

George Soros Accuses Trump Of Doing The Work Of ISIS

In the recently concluded elections in the United States, the shrewd entrepreneur was heavily involved in funding Hilary Clinton’s campaign. At one time, George claimed that the Republican Candidate, Donald Trump, was doing the work if ISIS. Soros is the richest hedge fund billionaire. He is the leader of Soros Fund Management, his own asset management fund. He rose to the limelight after breaking the Bank of England in 1992 where he earned over $1 billion in profits from betting against the British Pound. Before the elections, Soros was in semi-retirement as he was not actively involved in political funding. At the start of the last election, the successful businessman made a full return to politics. George ranks as one of the top contributors to the Democratic Party. He has donated millions of dollars to various Democratic candidates, including Hillary Clinton. Learn more on Biography about George Soros.

Many people wonder why the billionaire associated Trump’s campaigns with the work of ISIS. George used this statement in reference to the various policies that the presidential candidates support. His anti-reform agenda include immigration policies where Trump’s administration sought to bar Muslims from entering the United States. Soros believes that with such policies, Donald Trump’s presidency would pose a threat to the progress of the United States, thus alienating the superpower from other countries. The billionaire was optimistic that Hillary Clinton would win the presidential elections. Soros made these claims during an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Francine Lacqua. The interview was conducted during the recent World Economic Forum. According to Soros, idea like closing the borders to Muslims is bad, as it creates the notion that every Muslim is a terrorist. Such blanket accusations will create more hatred among communities, something that ISIS propagates. Soros added that ISIS’ days were numbered. The combined efforts of various governments such as Iraq, Syria, United States, and Russia would destroy the organization. The self-made billionaire has been particularly happy with the work of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, towards creating an all-inclusive society. He noted that the leader risked her political career to fight for EU member states to provide refugees with a safe haven.

Over the years, he has created a name for himself as a successful trader, economic expert, and a philanthropist. According to Forbes, the billionaire worked as a railway porter and a waiter before starting his career in the financial industry. Soros founded his first company in 1969. Since then, he has remained one of the most influential traders on Wall Street. The billionaire has donated over $7 billion dollars towards various causes such as health and education. He is the founder of the revered Open Society Foundations, Students for a Democratic Society, Health Care for America Now, and Project Vote.

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February 28

Upper Mountain Water Quality Addressed By Squaw Valley

Following the detection in early November of two forms of bacteria, E. coli and coliform, in Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain drinking water supply, a statement was issued by Squaw Valley addressing the issue following subsequent treatment and reported improvement of the water supply’s condition. The statement was provided on November 30 by Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Public Relations Director, Liesl Kenney, and contained the following information:


A number of water systems throughout Placer County, including Squaw Valley, were adversely affected as a result of a significantly heavy rain event in October. At Squaw Valley, a newly upgraded water system that had been installed last summer was contaminated at the locations of Gold Coast and High Camp. The statement emphasized that no other Squaw Valley water systems were impacted by the storm, and none of the contaminated water was ever available to the public for human consumption.


The steps taken by Squaw Valley to address the situation after it was detected were swift and appropriate. Contact was immediately made with Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District to inform them of the issue. Recognized experts in water quality were also contacted to discuss the appropriate measures that needed to be taken to remedy the problem. Water use at Gold Coast and High Camp has been suspended while the situation continues to be addressed, and will only resume once water safety experts and public health officials have indicated that it is safe to do so.


The statement went on to provide assurance from Squaw Valley that customer safety is their top priority, therefore; all guests at the adversely affected areas will be provided with free bottled drinking water, along with unaltered facility access while work continues to fully resolve the situation. In addition, guests will be notified upon confirmation from water quality experts that the water is completely safe to drink.


Squaw Valley concluded by thanking the county and the local public service district for their help in addressing the Upper Mountain water quality issue.