January 18

Bruno Fagali: An Expert Discussing The New Compliance Law

A report was recently made concerning Bruno Fagali speaking about compliance being one of the main corporate governance responsibilities. Bruno Fagali is a lawyer who is Agência nova/sb’s corporate integrity manager. He is also a Fagali Advocacia’s member.

Fagali has pointed out that with the new anti-corruption law significantly increased the organizations’ interest to adopt compliance programs. Before that, only individuals were able to be penalized for such practices. it was also stated that taking care of itself isn’t enough, so keeping an eye on his partners must be done also. This sentiment has been expressed by Luiz Fernando Godoy, a co-founder of Equipo Gestão, who also stated that subsidiary and solidarity are vogued, in addition to avoiding an unpleasant surprise in discovering a partner involvement in scandal cases, or disastrously interfering in their operation.

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Godoy also stated that other practices required include the checking of the working conditions, such as ensuring the partner is respecting the laws on child labor and slave labor, verifying the partner’s National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE), providing a healthy and safe environment, ensuring other employee rights, and paying attention to the information’s clarity, if the partner is a political or public agent. The CNAE defines the framework qualifications used by various Brazilian tax bodies, explained Bruno Fagali.

About Bruno Fagali

As mentioned above, Bruno Fagali is a corporate integrity manager and lawyer. His company is the Communication of Public Interest (CIP) in which he is a law specialist. This is the only totally Brazilian agency participating in advertising international organizations’ competitions. For two years now, Bruno Fagali is responsible for implementing the São Paulo, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro’s corporate integrity program and training. Additionally, Bruno Fagali earned a master degree from the USP in State Law. His career has been focused on administrative law concentrating in Public Administration control.

Find more about Bruno Fagali: https://www3.ethos.org.br/cedoc/gerente-de-integridade-da-novasb-comenta-caminhos-para-conquistar-o-pro-etica/ – .Wc1e_hNSxTY

June 26

Jeremy Goldstein part of New York’s new legal assistance service

New Yorkers may possible need legal assistance when faced with an legal matter, including a criminal matter, child custody dispute case, write your will, help with a landlord-tenant problem or other legal issue. Luckily the New York State Bar Association has launched a service that makes it fast and easy to find legal help within their own community.


The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service, recently launched an online service for New Yorkers who are in need of a lawyer. The service is completely confidential and offered 24 hours a day. New Yorkers can still use the LRIS phone service. The New York State Bar Association properly vetted and approved these lawyers and are in good legal standing. The NY State Bar Association and Legal.io launched this service together. Legal.io provides referral technology for those in the legal field.


Lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein are able to provide legal services to a greater number of people at a lower cost. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service has helped dozens of lawyer practices expand across New York.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the best lawyers in New York. He is currently a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.


Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in several major corporate transactions in the country over the last 10 years. He oversaw the purchase of Goodrich by United Technologies. Jeremy Goldstein also oversaw the Cingular merger with AT&T Wireless. He routinely writes and speaks on the issue of corporate governance and compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein received his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and received his J.D. from New York University Law School. Jeremy Goldstein continues to offer his services at his legal firm.


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April 25

Easy Access to Jeremy Goldstein’s Legal Expertise

Jeremy Goldstein is the guy to go to when you need expert legal assistance and advice on executive compensation. Executive compensation comprises of financial and non-financial incentives given to executives in a firm as a reward for the service they render to the institution or organization.


Goldstein is a member of the American Bar Association Business Section and also chairs the Mergers and Acquisition Board. He is highly rated on corporate governance and executive compensation.


He was voted the first executive pay legal officer in The Legal 500 and Chambers USA Guide. Mr. Goldstein played a significant role in some of the most popular corporate transactions of the last decade. Some of the principal operations include; SBC Communications, Inc.’s acquisition of AT&T Corp and the purchasing of the South African Breweries by the Miller Brewing Company.


Jeremy has a JD from NYU Law School. He is still very involved in the institution’s Professional Advisory Board as a member and is also a member of The Fountain House Board of Directors where he participates in charitable works such as supporting local mental health initiatives in New York.


In 2014, he began his private practice after being the partner at a renowned legal firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen,and Kratz.


How to find Mr. Goldstein online


In the recent past the New York State Bar Association made it easy for any New Yorker to seek and find legal assistance.


Their Lawyer Referral and Information Service have created a portal that is both easy to use and confidential for persons looking for an agent.


Corporate individuals seeking legal advice on salaries of CEO’s management teams and compensation committees can only go to the online portal, fill out a simple questionnaire so that they can be matched with an expert such as Jeremy Goldstein.


They get these referral services for free. But if they talk a standard fee of $35 for the initial 30-minute session is administered.


After the first consultation, the clients are free to retain or not retain the legal officer. If the person continues with the lawyer, then the fee is determined by the two.


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