December 15

Reasons behind Fabletics thriving in the activewear industry

Fabletics has been a success since its entry into the activewear industry. The company has been a key player in women empowerment, something that has earned Fabletics recognition and an excellent reputation within the sportswear and fashion world.


Since its inception in 2013, the company has achieved significant milestones in the activewear niche market and are continuously growing thanks to the support it gets within both the American and global market. One of the driving factors that has led to the success of Fabletics is its ability to leverage on the power of the crowd.


Over the four years, Fabletics’ executives have successfully been able to tap into the flexibility of the internet to set itself as the premium shopping destination for all sportswear, activewear, and related apparels.


Many people don’t understand what leveraging on the power of the crowd means, below we explain it in simple terms.


When someone is considering to subscribe for movie or music streaming services, the chances are that you don’t have much information about the provider offering the services. You, therefore, have to embark on a challenging journey that will enable you to get to know of the services, the pricing and the experience you are likely to get once you have subscribed to the services.


Before the rise of the internet, you had to ask your friends, family and even neighbors who use the same service for this information. All this has changed with the internet as reviews of products and services are cataloged online. From these reviews, you can decide on whether to subscribe or purchase a particular product or service. Leveraging on the power of the crowd entails the use of reviews to push the sales of a commodity or service.


For Fabletics to succeed, they had to deliver on what other activewear companies has since neglected, (functionality and fashion, at an affordable price of course.) Unlike other firms in the market that follow trends to design and develop sportswear for their clients, Fabletics took a different approach. First, the company doesn’t follow trends in the design process. Secondly, the company uses a research team to find out what the needs of the clientele the sportswear are purposed for. These two policies enabled Fabletics to develop excellently designed sportswear and other activewear apparels that incorporate beautiful design and are functional.


Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics. When starting up the company, women empowerment irrespective of the; industry they work in, social class and where they reside were her most significant objectives. All this has materialized as Fabletics enjoy a global VIP membership that exceeds one million active clients. Recently Kate won the athleisure award thanks to the effort she and her company puts in providing women and athletes quality activewear clothing.


As an executive at Fabletics, Kate Hudson doesn’t limit herself to the executive role but also contributes to the design process of the company’s apparels. Kate Hudson is one of the biggest supporters of social media advertising at Fabletics, something other firms are yet to dive in fully.

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August 2

Kate Hudson Increases Her Fame and Tries New Ventures with Fabletics

When people think about Fabletics, they also think about Kate Hudson. After all, she is the one person who has contributed a lot to the creation of the brand. Therefore, she is the one who is going to be involved with a lot of the marketing. This is good for Fabletics because she is one of the more admired people when it comes to style. Therefore, when she markets Fabletics, it only works in the favor of the brand. For one thing, she is already a famous celebrity. When a company starts up and gets the backing of a celebrity, then it is going to have a much better chance of taking off than without a celebrity.


One thing that makes Kate Hudson so famous is that she is an actress. She has appeared in films like Almost Famous. Seeing that she is now one of the owners of the Fabletics brand, one can say that she has come a long way. Given that she is so passionate about fashion and making sure that she is dressed in an elegant way, it is fitting that she would get involved with a company that sells high fashion for customers. However, she is also passionate about inspiring people.


One of the most frustrating things about high fashion stores is that all of their clothes tend to be priced out of the reach of the average customer. Therefore, they often walk into the store only to walk back out never to return. With Fabletics, they want to make sure that the customer is able to save money. Therefore, the company has them sign up for a paid membership which includes a free outfit to go along with the outfits they choose. The best thing about it is that they are given a free outfit according to the data they give the company.


One thing Kate Hudson has done is help differentiate Fabletics from all of the other fashion retailers. People are slowly catching on to the advantage that Fabletics gives them. Fabletics also keeps in touch with its customers and informs them of new promotions.

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April 19

Fabletics Competes With Amazon For the Top Spot

The fashion industry is very competitive considering the thousands of fashion brands in the market. The online fashion industry is equally competitive only that one company has had a long domination of the top spot. Amazon dominates 20% of the online fashion business. However, there is one company that is determined to challenge Amazon’s number one spot. Fabletics will not settle for number 2 and has come guns blazing to secure the throne of the online fashion industry. Fabletics is headed by TV superstar Kate Hudson. Under Hudson’s leadership, Fabletics has managed to grow her business into a $250 million enterprise in only three years. Fabletics secret formula is an initiative that allows clients to purchase clothes using a subscription model. The concept is simple: you just like a brand of your choice then enroll as a member of Fabletics.



Traditionally, brands were valued by looking at the quality and price of their products or services. The current trend is much different. Competitive brands now rely on more than quality and pricing. The coveted brand is a blend of other factors including customer satisfaction, gamification, unique designs, and brand awareness.



What Has Contributed to Fabletics Success?



Fabletics did not achieve its current position in the market out of chance. Like Apple, Fabletics went against all odds to achieve success. They applied a revolutionary business strategy that has contributed to the success of its sixteen affiliates.



Fabletics’ General Manager, Gregg Throgmartin, owes the prosperity of the company to its unique membership approach. According to Gregg, it is easy to satisfy people when you make time to study them and identify their specific preferences.



Fabletics Reverse Show rooming Approach



Show rooming is a marketing strategy that has ruined many businesses. However, Fabletics has somehow managed to turn the tides of this dangerous approach. Show rooming refers to a concept that allows people to browse through products or services offline then buy the same items at a cheaper price elsewhere. Fabletics managed to reverse the concept due to the unique style of their business. Their strategy enables them form new relationships, win the trust of clients, and understand the markets better. Between 30-50% of shoppers who walk into Fabletics are members of the company with another 25% gaining membership while at the store. When a client is shopping and they try on an item, it is automatically registered in their online shopping cart. Therefore, it does not matter where the client buys the item; retail is a significant part of their services.



How Does Fabletics Operate?



To gain access to Fabletics products, the first step you make is signing up as a member. During the sign up process, you will be taken through a survey to find out your taste of outfits. After you become a member of Fabletics, you are entitled to the benefit of paying as little as $25 per outfit. There is also a chance for you to receive incredible discounts for your purchases. One of the major perks of being part of Fabletics is that you get to have clothes that are curated for you every end of the month.

January 19


For a very long time economics has demanded a balance in price and quality to influence the demand for a product. However, the changes in the world economy show that the above is not enough to enable the growth of a company through an increase in sales. Fabletics is one of the many recognized brands today for its fast growth and struggles to gain a place among other competitive brands such as Amazon.


Fabletics is an online sportswear outfit retailer store. It was started as a brand in July 2013 and launched later that year. The store launched men’s sport’s wear in 2015 and later expanded beyond sportswear by adding swim suits and dresses in 2016. Over the three years, it has grown into a company worth $250 million. The company’s success is attributed to the way it handles its customers. Its customer relations alone have brought many sales to the company. Today, the brand has at least 16 stores and looks to open many more. One of the major growth tactics is the use of personalized recommendation of products to the customers to determine what the customers demand and are willing to buy.


The stores have initiated reverse showrooming as a way of advertising and marketing their product. This has enabled setting up of pop up stores which stock commodities that match the preference and taste of online customers. Unlike in the case of Fabletics, showrooming has proven to be the reason behind the decline in sales for many other companies. The people browse for products online and go looking for the products elsewhere. However, Fabletics has been able to turn showrooming to its advantage ensuring that most of the people who visit their stores are already members or sign up for the membership after visiting the stores.


In addition to reverse showrooming, the stores have taken up analysis of online data to determine the customer preferences and any changes in the same. They stock the stores in light of the digital data analysed by their experts. Through this, the company stocks only what is trending and preferable to the customers through establishing the fashion trends using the same data. The Digital data analysis has also proven useful in determining the successful initiation of new products in the market and the customer’s response to such products through the various trials that the company conducts.


The success of Fabletics can be attributed to its vast knowledge of the customer. When a new store is established, it is set up in line with the people’s culture, lifestyle and accessibility. The many years of customer education and experience seem to be paying off for the employees of this company. Through the use of reverse showrooming, Fabletics has taken customer satisfaction and retention to a higher level compared to its competitors. It aims at ensuring that their customers get the best sportswear at very high quality and fair prices.