January 24

The Hiring Process For An Event Planner

You have finally narrowed your search down to three event planners in NYC. It is time to see if they are right for your event. There are several steps you must follow when interviewing and hiring your potential event planner.


Interview Each Planner: Start each interview by sharing several details about your event, and be sure to ask about their experience and business in general.


Provide Important Details: Your potential planner is excited to learn about your event, so it is important to provide the details about your goals, guests, timeline and budget.


Check Their References: There is nothing wrong with asking your planner for references, but you can do your own research by asking about the venues of their past events.


Listen To Your Planner: It is time to narrow your search down to one event planner. A good planner creates a plan based on every aspect of your event.


Review The Contract: Once you settle on an event planner, you may be asked to provide a deposit or sign a contract right away. It is best to ask your legal counsel to review the contract before you sign it.


Keep In Touch: It is important to communicate with your planner to ensure you are on the same page. You want to make sure they are working to bring the ideas in their presentation to life.


Adapt To Changes: You may discover your planner is not a good fit for this event, so be ready to fire, change or even rehire your planner at any time.


When narrowing down your search for event planning companies in NYC, consider adding Twenty Three Layers to your list. The staff has experience in planning a variety of events. You can hire the planners for services such as creating the menus, snapping photos or selecting the venue.