May 16

Sussex Healthcare: 25 Years of Top-Service Healthcare and Still Going Strong

For more than 20 years Sussex Healthcare Has been a great provider two adults in need of specialized care and elderly care. It’s facilities are located in England on the southern coast. The Healthcare company’s chairmen, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina have extensive experience in the healthcare and business/customer service-related environments. Boghani’s experience comes from hotel management, making him no stranger to customer service and satisfaction. Sachedina’s experience as a dental surgeon for a few decades also gives the company the oomph it requires to stand as a top-notch healthcare company.

Sussex Healthcare began in 1985, starting out with only a single facility. Presently there are over twenty Sussex Healthcare facilities in England, Many boast high quality gyms, daycare facilities, and regular residential homes with regular assistance and nurses by our experienced nurses and staff.

Sussex Healthcare specializes in helping elderly who suffer with Alzheimer’s, a fast progressing illness of the disease, Dementia, but is not limited to this only. In addition, it also helps in specialized care for young adults who have neurological disabilities and/or other cognitive health issues. The company helps provide assistance to those who need only a little bit of help in their daily lives, as well as those who require more attention. Sussex Healthcare only hires nurses and staff who have the correct educations, certifications, certifications, and/or experience/background needed to care for these individuals.


When you bring your young adult or elderly family member into Sussex Healthcare, you know that they will be receiving the very best care in England. We hope Tate on high standards of excellence. Our company receivers accreditation from the HQS, or the Health Quality Service in the years 2002 and 2003, also receive the Investors in People standard, a very high honor for healthcare companies and agencies. Additionally, in June 2005, Sussex Healthcare received the International standard ISO 9000:2000. The motto at Sussex Healthcare is “more than just a home.” Being healthy means a lot more than not being ill, in other words well this is a step each of us can take to become healthier, and lead a healthier lifestyle’s. Here at our healthcare company, we understand that social, recreational, and leisure activities are needed for an individual’s health maintenance and overall well-being. Each of the homes here at our healthcare company has a full schedule of activities in order to motivate, simile, and hold the interest of all of the individuals residing there. Our second model, is to have a first class professional team that is ready to serve you and your needs.

November 21

Talk Fusion Advanced Products for Streamlining Business Operations

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of talk fusion a company was founded in 2007. The primary focus of Talk Fusion’s activities is the provision of quality content that can be used to market and promote an enterprises products and services. Over the years, Talk Fusion’s video content has led to their clients developing a competitive edge in the market. In the decade of the company’s existence, Talk Fusion has been referred to the home and pioneer of video content.


Business enterprises and individuals looking for compelling and memorable content that they can use to market their products and services better have long entrusted Talk Fusion in the development of such material. The reason behind this is the emphasis and commitment the company has put in creating beautiful and captivating content for their clients.


One of the products developed by Talk Fusion includes a new and improved version of Live Meetings. The purpose of the product is to facilitate quality and sophisticated real-time communications. The significant improvement made to Live Meetings is the capability to use the WebRTC system.


One feature that makes Live Meetings a must have by businesses is the products capability to hold video conferences. Other than that, Live Meetings enables its users to arrange meetings and presentations seamlessly and conveniently. Live Meetings can support a maximum of 15 hosts and additional 500 participants.


Other than Live Meetings, Talk Fusion developed a program known as the Talk Fusion University. The primary function of the program is to provide the company’s associated with online training aimed at helping these individuals market Talk Fusions products with ease. Talk Fusion University was released in June 2017. The improvements made to this program now does away with the need to download flash players plus an excellent support for smart devices which adds convenience in using the program.


Bob Reina is a contributor to the HuffPost. He started writing content for the global news publication company in 2016. The areas he specializes in include self -development and Entrepreneurship. His choice of topics goes on to cement his commitment to seeing the success and growth of individuals who run startups and established business enterprises. Learn more: