Ombori on the Role of the People Counter System

The pandemic has brought about a new way of doing business as businesses have had to adhere to health and safety guidelines for the sake of their customers. One way businesses have been adhering to the pandemic safety guidelines is knowing the people in their stores at each given time; this, therefore, necessitated looking for ways to count those visiting […]

PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart and Affordable Energy

PosiGen is a solar energy provider that prides itself in serving the community with environmentally friendly solutions to make a difference in the world. At the top of their agenda is to help families save money on essential utilities instead of making profits only for themselves. The attitude at PosiGen towards their customers enables high-need communities to stimulate growth in […]

Sextpanther, Your Partner at Your Comfort Amid A Pandemic

The current global pandemic, covid 19, has wholly brought a challenge to physical interaction. Some government has eliminated engagements in bars and restaurants. SextPanther has come to make life better at your comfort. SextPanther is an adult content-based platform that makes connections between its users and the content creators or models. The content creators make videos, pictures, and creative messages […]