March 21

About Ecommerce and Roberto Santiago of Paraiba

The Manaira shopping mall has been developed to some seventy five 000 m 2 land in the city of Joao Pessoa and has 280 shops. The most striking feature about the mall is its own versatility. Roberto Santiago had formulated it to accommodate the whole family. Besides this various looking retailers, it has a concert hall, theatre, food court docket, gambling area, a gymnasium, banking institutions and also a college. It’s no wonder; it’s such a top reputation from the country of Paraiba. The economical meltdown of 2015 tested the genius of Roberto Santiago’s investment. When lots of sectors of this market were crashing, the stores were not affected. The proven strength of this sector of the economy has made it attracted many investors. Mr. Santiago claims he plans to continue developing, re inventing and enhancing growth in leisure, tour and sales centres. Roberto Santiago could be your most famed business man at the nation of Paraiba and one of Brazil’s renowned internet marketers. He’s the owner and manager of Manaira retail complex, located in his hometown of Joao Pessoa. The mall is now the amusement and recreation center from the nation of Paraiba. But, Mr. Roberto Santiago’s history to success informs a lot more of his conclusion, entrepreneurial and qualitative skill compared to his present results. The Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa. He also attended Pio X-Marist higher education before linking the college Centre of Joao Pessoa at which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Mr. Santiago started out operating in Café santa-rosa, a décor fabricating business. To meet his attention in operation, he left the organization and started Cartonnage Company; he even began by selling cartons created from cardboards. The business grew to produce several services and products that were cosmetic. Read more on Back in 2013, Robert Santiago acquired another Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa known as Mangeira. With these 2 malls, he has contributed to improving the societal and financial characteristics of the metropolis. Besides getting centres of family entertainment and fun, the two malls use countless of natives. Even the existence of the malls also has result in an increase in the price of property in the region. Furthermore, quite a few firms and companies have moved into the city. See far more on comunique-se. com. When his cartonnage firm started off making money, Roberto Santiago made a decision to put money into real estate. The option turned out to be certainly one of many finest he ever made construction his portfolio as a business man. It is in his decision to get and produce property that the concept of Manaira buying Mall was born. He bought the landat the mall in 1987 and built it a couple of decades. In 1989 the mall has been established and’d increased to its current


March 19

Bob Reina: Dreams Are Worth Fighting For

In life, it is important to never give up fighting. No matter what is thrown on someone’s plate or what the situation is, people need to plow ahead and keep their head on straight, even during the most difficult of times. It is what makes people stand out and it is what keeps them on the right track in life. It is especially vital when it comes to matters such as someone’s job and someone’s dream. That is the time to fight the hardest and to keep pushing forward. After all, if someone is working a full time job, they are going to be spending a great deal of time there.


Since they are going to be spending so much time there, it is important they enjoy the time they spend there. If they are unhappy or miserable, what is the point, really? As the old expression goes, money does not buy happiness. Happiness comes from following one’s dreams and really going after what is important to someone in life. Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, knows this better than anyone on the entire planet. Because he knows this so well, he makes sure to preach the importance of someone not giving up on their what is their destiny.


Bob Reina wants to be someone that inspires people and encourages them in their life. After all, he has taken the plunge himself. He used to work in law enforcement as a matter of fact, which is something that people are surprised to hear when they read information on Bob Reina. However, it is true, and it has helped shape him into the person he is today, which is kind, loving, and sympathetic to everyone out there. He prides himself on being one of the good guys.


He knows that people need a good guy or a good lady out there in the world that is going to fight for them. However, after he is done fighting for them, they need to fight for themselves. They need to use everything that Talk Fusion offers to better themselves in their careers. Again, this is not something they should take lightly or something that should be overlooked, ignored, or taken for granted. Once they commit to making that change, they need to give it all they have and then some. It is how their dream is going to come true. Learn more:

March 6

Rocketship Education Reveals What Has Been Learned From A Decade in Operation

In 2006, Preston Smith and John Danner were two former public school educators dreaming of making a difference for low-income families striving to simply provide the best education available for their children. Fast forward to 2018 and the founders of the non-profit Rocketship Education charter school program sit at the head of a national organization with more than ten institutions across the states of California, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C. with families praising the positive impact Rocketship Education has had on their lives.

The success achieved by Rocketship Education is based on a range of different activities and programs based on creating a positive environment for students at school and with their families. One of the most effective and impressive aspects of the Rocketship Education program has been the use of home visits by educators to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing students in their everyday lives; the development of relationships between educators and families have been increased through the use of a greater level of understanding between both parties.

For the founders of Rocketship Education, the power of parents is part of the key to the continued development of charter school programs across the nation. Focusing solely on providing a charter school experience for the youngest members of the community has allowed the charter school system to focus its efforts on providing the best possible start for students at the school; a parent leadership program has also been developed to assist in educating parents in the needs of students in terms of charter schools when they leave the Rocketship Education program to help gain a better understanding of the needs of students of all ages.

One of the greatest challenges facing Rocketship Education over the course of its first decade in existence has been the need to create a better understanding of what a charter school can provide for students. Rocketship Education wants the world to know a charter school is about much more than simply adding technology to the public school curriculum and can make all the difference in effectively changing the educational path of students and their families.