May 20

Demanding for Respect of Human Rights with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

There is a great concern, confusion, and fear amongst immigrant communities, especially after the recent United States election.

Many groups and institutions have come forward to express their disapproval on the U.S. President’s stand on the issue of the immigrants. Most of this human, civil and immigrant reform groups consider the move inhumane and total disregard for the rights, and freedom of movement of the people. Hence, they have come forward to offer their support and solidarity to the affected individuals.

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is one of the institutions that have created a broad line of legal and political defense for the immigrant and human rights as well. They have built a strong movement for economic and social justice for all. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the co-founders of the Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

They are trained journalist by profession. They channeled their returns, which first came from their wrongful arrest to financially support the migrant rights institutions in Arizona. In 2007, they accrued $ 3.75 million as compensation for their detained by the County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

They were arrested and jailed after revealing information about the Sherriff, which was crucial in an ongoing grand jury proceeding. The board needed the journalist’s notes on published articles about the Sheriff. Larkin & Lacey fund supports other groups with a similar mission in Arizona.

The Border Network for Human Rights

The Border Network for Human Rights is another vocal human rights and immigration reform advocacy group in the United States. It is based in Texas and has 700 families under its wing. It organizes civic-minded individuals and movements in southern New Mexico and west Texas area and boundaries. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund and Jim Larkin | Huffington Post

Southern Border Communities Coalition

Southern Border Communities Coalition was formed in 2011 and has unified over 60 organizations in CA, San Diego, and Texas. It was founded to bring accountability and proper enforcement of border practices in the United States.

The United States’ government does an excellent job of providing adequate resources in the broader patrol. However, there was no appropriate oversight of the border policies, which makes easier for the boundary communities to breach them. The brunt of these policies adversely affects the resident’s human rights, their businesses, international relations, and the environment.

The founders of the Southern Border Communities Coalition saw it necessary to bring sanity to the borders and restore humane and rational reform policies, prevent loss of life and restore lost human dignity. These groups are sources of strength and affirmation to the immigrants and other individuals whose rights have been violated; hope is not lost.


Front Page Confidential is Leading the Coverage on Joe Arpaio

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two journalists from Arizona have opened up a brand new online publication called Front Page Confidential. The founding of the newspaper comes on the heels of 2013’s foundation of The Frontera Fund. Although one is a charity and one is a newspaper, they have a very similar goal in mind.


The Frontera Fund targets a specific group of people with its altruism: Hispanics. This is due to the history of one man, Joe Arpaio, who targeted Hispanics in Maricopa County for year as its sheriff.


Even though Joe Arpaio was charged with contempt of court in July of 2017, he was pardoned by President Trump and is now running for Congress. Front Page Confidential is there to make sure that doesn’t happen. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, for years, used the Phoenix New Times as an outlet to air out all of Joe Arpaio’s dirty laundry. They are doing the same with Front Page Confidential.


The terror produced in Arizona for the 24 years that Arpaio served as sheriff should be enough to convince Arizona voters not to elect Arpaio as their representative, but thanks to the support of Donald Trump in the form of a pardon, Joe Arpaio has more fans than ever. Front Page Confidential is working hard to inform and educate voters about the immoral, racist behavior of Joe Arpaio.


For example, his contempt of court charges stem from an incident with a Mexican tourist. The tourist was in America legally on a visa, but that didn’t matter to Joe Arpaio. Arpaio had him arrested for no reason other than the color of his skin. This incident ended up costing Maricopa County 70 million dollars, but thanks to President Trump, Joe Arpaio will never be punished.


May 15

Wild Ark

Wild Ark is an organization that was established by Sophie Hutchinson and Mark. They had a great concern for the perils facing wild places in this world. Their main aim was to work hard and make a difference that had not been experienced before. Sophie Hutchinson and Mark are popular and passionate conservationists. They are always committed to helping and educating people in the society. This is one way of taking care of the coming generations.

Vision of wild Ark

Wild Ark’s vision is to protect the wild place of this world. By doing so, natural beauty is retained at all times. When nature is beautiful, tourists visit and leave behind the foreign exchange. The economy of any country is improved by such businesses.


Wild Ark is more concerned about taking care of green parts of the world. The Rich biodiversity of wild parts helps in wildlife conservation. The experience of people to do research is created. Such opportunities help us to connect to the world’s nature. Get inspired to conserve the environment.

There are several ways of connecting with the environment. This will definitely make you feel good and happy at all times. Some of these ways are:

  1. Camping

This is suitable during holidays or weekends when one is free from the job. One can carry his or her own food and enjoy taking it at the National park area.

  1. Staying at the farm area

There is nothing good in this world like separating yourself from the noisy environment and enjoying it somewhere else. Farm area is a good place to stay during free moments.

  1. Admire the sky

Do you want to enjoy the nature of parks? Get a clear place at the park area and admire the stars and clouds in the sky. This is one way of avoiding stress and worries of life.

Wild Ark has done it best by ensuring that the environment of parks is better for all of us. This program has inspired many people worldwide.


Subscribe to Wild Ark’s Youtube channel here.

May 5

George Soros Accuses Trump Of Doing The Work Of ISIS

In the recently concluded elections in the United States, the shrewd entrepreneur was heavily involved in funding Hilary Clinton’s campaign. At one time, George claimed that the Republican Candidate, Donald Trump, was doing the work if ISIS. Soros is the richest hedge fund billionaire. He is the leader of Soros Fund Management, his own asset management fund. He rose to the limelight after breaking the Bank of England in 1992 where he earned over $1 billion in profits from betting against the British Pound. Before the elections, Soros was in semi-retirement as he was not actively involved in political funding. At the start of the last election, the successful businessman made a full return to politics. George ranks as one of the top contributors to the Democratic Party. He has donated millions of dollars to various Democratic candidates, including Hillary Clinton. Learn more on Biography about George Soros.

Many people wonder why the billionaire associated Trump’s campaigns with the work of ISIS. George used this statement in reference to the various policies that the presidential candidates support. His anti-reform agenda include immigration policies where Trump’s administration sought to bar Muslims from entering the United States. Soros believes that with such policies, Donald Trump’s presidency would pose a threat to the progress of the United States, thus alienating the superpower from other countries. The billionaire was optimistic that Hillary Clinton would win the presidential elections. Soros made these claims during an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Francine Lacqua. The interview was conducted during the recent World Economic Forum. According to Soros, idea like closing the borders to Muslims is bad, as it creates the notion that every Muslim is a terrorist. Such blanket accusations will create more hatred among communities, something that ISIS propagates. Soros added that ISIS’ days were numbered. The combined efforts of various governments such as Iraq, Syria, United States, and Russia would destroy the organization. The self-made billionaire has been particularly happy with the work of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, towards creating an all-inclusive society. He noted that the leader risked her political career to fight for EU member states to provide refugees with a safe haven.

Over the years, he has created a name for himself as a successful trader, economic expert, and a philanthropist. According to Forbes, the billionaire worked as a railway porter and a waiter before starting his career in the financial industry. Soros founded his first company in 1969. Since then, he has remained one of the most influential traders on Wall Street. The billionaire has donated over $7 billion dollars towards various causes such as health and education. He is the founder of the revered Open Society Foundations, Students for a Democratic Society, Health Care for America Now, and Project Vote.

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