January 24

The U.S Money Reserve’s Gold Supply Enterprise

U.S Money Reserve is a private distributor of U.S government issued precious stones such as gold. The products that the from are highly trusted and more than 300,000 people have purchased from it. The enterprise has been operational since 2001, and its central premises are based Dallas, Texas. The clients that buy products vary, but most of them are individuals who would like to safeguard their affluence by adding gold to their investment portfolio. The company interacts with its clients well, and therefore, they have much confidence in its services. The U.S Money Reserve is currently run by Philip Diehl. He has adequate knowledge in the business since he has served the industry for a couple of years. His former employer was the U.S Mint, and the organization praises him for being the best director that has ever served it. Mr. Diehl has strived to ensure that the company has an excellent customer service.


The products of the firm are accessible to both U.S citizens and foreigners. The primary commodity that it distributes is gold, but it also sells silver and platinum coins, bullion, and bars. It is dedicated to ensuring that its clients access top notch products. The professionalism that the employees of the firm display is outstanding. They are skilled in various fields such as coin reach and numismatics hence they can offer helpful guidance on gold markets. Clients who rely on the firm can know the most profitable products that are available. U.S Money has an excellent relationship with the customers due to the exceptional services that it offers to them.


Gold is a high-value metal that can be owned as a stable and reliable investment. It has been considered precious for several centuries. The commodity can also be used for business whereby people buy and sell it when its prices rise. Its value has remained to be high since it is available in limited quantities and cannot be affected by inflation. Unlike one dollar, an ounce of gold can currently be used to acquire the same product that it could be used to buy ten years ago.


Another excellent characteristic of gold that makes it a great investment is that it is not affected by the stock exchange market. Its worth changes independently. It can, therefore, be used as a reliable means of stabilizing the purchasing power of an individual even when the economy is low.

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January 24

The Hiring Process For An Event Planner

You have finally narrowed your search down to three event planners in NYC. It is time to see if they are right for your event. There are several steps you must follow when interviewing and hiring your potential event planner.


Interview Each Planner: Start each interview by sharing several details about your event, and be sure to ask about their experience and business in general.


Provide Important Details: Your potential planner is excited to learn about your event, so it is important to provide the details about your goals, guests, timeline and budget.


Check Their References: There is nothing wrong with asking your planner for references, but you can do your own research by asking about the venues of their past events.


Listen To Your Planner: It is time to narrow your search down to one event planner. A good planner creates a plan based on every aspect of your event.


Review The Contract: Once you settle on an event planner, you may be asked to provide a deposit or sign a contract right away. It is best to ask your legal counsel to review the contract before you sign it.


Keep In Touch: It is important to communicate with your planner to ensure you are on the same page. You want to make sure they are working to bring the ideas in their presentation to life.


Adapt To Changes: You may discover your planner is not a good fit for this event, so be ready to fire, change or even rehire your planner at any time.


When narrowing down your search for event planning companies in NYC, consider adding Twenty Three Layers to your list. The staff has experience in planning a variety of events. You can hire the planners for services such as creating the menus, snapping photos or selecting the venue.



January 19


For a very long time economics has demanded a balance in price and quality to influence the demand for a product. However, the changes in the world economy show that the above is not enough to enable the growth of a company through an increase in sales. Fabletics is one of the many recognized brands today for its fast growth and struggles to gain a place among other competitive brands such as Amazon.


Fabletics is an online sportswear outfit retailer store. It was started as a brand in July 2013 and launched later that year. The store launched men’s sport’s wear in 2015 and later expanded beyond sportswear by adding swim suits and dresses in 2016. Over the three years, it has grown into a company worth $250 million. The company’s success is attributed to the way it handles its customers. Its customer relations alone have brought many sales to the company. Today, the brand has at least 16 stores and looks to open many more. One of the major growth tactics is the use of personalized recommendation of products to the customers to determine what the customers demand and are willing to buy.


The stores have initiated reverse showrooming as a way of advertising and marketing their product. This has enabled setting up of pop up stores which stock commodities that match the preference and taste of online customers. Unlike in the case of Fabletics, showrooming has proven to be the reason behind the decline in sales for many other companies. The people browse for products online and go looking for the products elsewhere. However, Fabletics has been able to turn showrooming to its advantage ensuring that most of the people who visit their stores are already members or sign up for the membership after visiting the stores.


In addition to reverse showrooming, the stores have taken up analysis of online data to determine the customer preferences and any changes in the same. They stock the stores in light of the digital data analysed by their experts. Through this, the company stocks only what is trending and preferable to the customers through establishing the fashion trends using the same data. The Digital data analysis has also proven useful in determining the successful initiation of new products in the market and the customer’s response to such products through the various trials that the company conducts.


The success of Fabletics can be attributed to its vast knowledge of the customer. When a new store is established, it is set up in line with the people’s culture, lifestyle and accessibility. The many years of customer education and experience seem to be paying off for the employees of this company. Through the use of reverse showrooming, Fabletics has taken customer satisfaction and retention to a higher level compared to its competitors. It aims at ensuring that their customers get the best sportswear at very high quality and fair prices.

January 18

David Osio and his executive team at Davos Real Estate Group launch its new Real Estate Application

While he was accompanied by Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez as the Davos Real Estate Executive Directors, David Osio went to present the launch of the new Davos Cap calculator. This is the new mobile application that lets the users make the most out of the new real estate application process. For the company, nothing gives them more honor than to develop products which give service to their clients. For this reason, the Davos Cap Calculator will work a long way to enabling the clients to make an informed decision about the type of investment property they may be interested and the annual estimated income to expect from the property.


The Davos Real Estate Company, together with David Osio as its founder, has announced the launch of their new mobile application. This was done in one of the official statements made by the company to estimate the net returns to make the clients interested in their properties of investment. This company has worked to develop property investment opportunities through their most innovative workers. The company, for a long time now, has worked to serve the Latin American population in the United States. For this reason, it is now the leader in the Latin American market as the sole provider of financial advisory services.


For more than two decades, the company has worked to offer its exclusive services in comprehensive financial advisory services to the Latin American population in the United States. The company has also worked to develop a business objective focusing on the development and innovation of investment strategies through the formulation of expected needs. For this reason, they have combined their client base to develop a regulated framework to offer exclusive advisory services.


According to the plan of the company, this was the initial product to offer their services. For this reason, they have worked towards the development of strategic service inquiries. The company has also developed the mobile application as the first of a series yet to come. The future of these applications is foreseen to allow the clients to engage in a chat with a real estate investment agent for more information about their choice. For this reason, their business and growth are expected to rise. The Davos Real Estate Company has more than one decade of professional experience.

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January 17

Doe Deere Grows Lime Crime to Become the Hottest Makeup Brand

Lime Crime has grown to become one of the leading and hottest internet brands in the market today. The firm has grown and stayed true to its name. As the head of the company, Doe Deere has grown to become a woman that is highly passionate about her business. She knows exactly what she wanted in business from the time she was of young age. The female entrepreneur does not have just a pretty face, but she is the embodiment of a quality brand. The unique name of the product is a pure description of bold colors and hues that accentuate beauty. She believes that when it comes to makeup, Doe Deere never plays safe. In recent news, she had an interview with major news outlet firm. She was able to talk about her company and her inspiration for success. She talked about her typical day at the office and how she brings her ideas to life.


When asked about how a typical day looks like, she stated that she starts with a meeting with her Creative Director. They get on to projects that strategize and invent new ideas. She then meets with the executives of the company like the president and the chief operating officer. She knows that most of those meetings help everyone to work on the same page. She spends the other part of the day directing visuals on products. She might take some time developing products alongside her chemists. The advancement of technology has seen her spend very few hours at the office desk. She is mostly up and about but replies her emails through her phone.


Doe Deere admits that bringing out an idea may take weeks or even months. Coming up with a successful product requires a great deal of patience. Once she has come up with perfect products, she acts decisively and swiftly.


The beauty and fashion industry had for a long time been stuck in traditional colors. However, there came a time where it needed a revolution. Lime Crime was the first company to adopt color revolution. The company sells its product at the official website and Amazon stores. Lime Crime’s products are known to be Vegan free. It means that it has no animal-cruelty procedures during the manufacture. Doe Deere has shown herself as a distinguished artist in the makeup industry. Although she states that she never applied makeup until her 20s, she has managed a quick break in the industry.

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January 16

Nationwide Title Clearing Offers New Ordering System To Its Clients

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) responded to calls for action within the mortgage industry by launching their revamped website, making property reports available through their online ordering system.



Title defects have become a major problem within the industry, with some people feeling they cause wrongful foreclosures or contribute to the market’s stagnation. Property records, according to experts, are the key to reducing the risk of buyback and ensuring a clear title conveyance. Nationwide Title Clearing is a leader in research and document processing and is addressing concerns with their updated website.



This is not the only factor however, and other factors that could possibly render a title invalid include the failure to follow proper filing procedures, failure to include a necessary signature, issues with document wording, and any previous liens that have not removed.



Because of these factors, CEO of NTC John Hillman feels addressing any of these title defects before the property is transferred is paramount. The company has made the following reports available through their online ordering system: tax status reports, assignment verification report services, and current owner reports.



NTC makes it their goal to give their clients a fast and simple process of securing reports. Their services are based on data retrieved from actual land record and are available on any residential property in the country. They gather their information from numerous sources and is verified using both automation and human verification. This practice has allowed NTC the ability to be successful and serve some of the largest lenders in the country under extremely heavy compliance regulations.



NTC claims that their services produce extremely accurate results for what their client needs. Their systems can even recognize when a client is ordering too many documents or if those documents could not be of any use to the client. The company understands the end result fully, which allows them to customize property reports with the correct data.



Nationwide Title Clearing is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. Founded in 1991, NTC is one of the leading privately-owned research and document-processing provider to the mortgage industry. The company serves servicers and investors, and mortgage lenders.



NTC is known for their high level of accuracy in their research services and the quality of the document processing, setting the industry’s standards. The experts at NTC can track and fulfill county document requirements in every single recording jurisdiction across the country, 3,600 jurisdictions nationwide. Their specialty includes lien release services, property reports, final document tracking, land records research, and document retrieval.

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January 11

Farsighted Businessman, Bernardo Chua, Sees Opportunity in Ancient Ways

Chinese-Philippino, Bernardo Chua, has built a modern empire on the ways of his people’s empires of old. Growing up in both China and the Phillippines, Chua, ethnically Han, developed a love and appreciation both for the bustling modern cities of Southeast Asia as well as the closely-held traditional ways of the Central Chinese villager. With a childhood steeped in the traditions of a civilization formed over millennia, he gained a strong respect for, among other things, the incredible healing power of traditional Chinese medicine.

Gunpowder, paper and the first effective medical treatments

The term folk medicine is applied to many disparate categories of non-Western attempts at healing the sick. Acoording to The Street, what Bernardo Chua understood, which still escapes many Western researchers, is that Chinese folk medicine relied almost entirely on actual bioactive agents to fight disease and ameliorate pain. In this sense, it has nothing at all to do with the primitive antics of an African medicine man or the incantations of a Sioux elder.

While the Chinese didn’t have modern tools of research and drug development, many of its most potent agents had been known for centuries or more and had proven themselves effective over such vast periods of time.

One of the most potent Chinese remedies is the mushroom genus, Ganoderma. Chua had the foresight to see the power of this ancient remedy far before Western researchers became aware of its sundry benefits. Today, this potent mushroom is being actively studied by major drug companies, using its more than 400 bioactive isolates in trials for a multitude of treatment modalities.

Chua, for his part, founded his company, Organo, to bring the salutary effects of Ganoderma to a global base of consumers. Selling everything from Coffee to teas to food items, Organo is allowing people the world over to enjoy the powerful healing effects of this natural miracle agent.

Through its network of over 1,000,000 marketers, Organo continues to develop and sell Ganoderma-based products, improving the lives and health of tens of millions of people around the globe.

January 10

How OSI Group has risen in the Food and Beverage Business

OSI Group is a developed food and beverage processing firm that operates from Aurora, Illinois. The company was founded as a local enterprise in 1909, and it has currently developed to set up branches across the globe. The international factories of the firm are now served by more than 20,000 employees who are focused on achieving its mission of offering excellent services to the clients. The processing giant has specialized in the production of various foods such as pizza, vegetable products, chicken, hot dogs, fish, bacon, and meat patties.

The firm has gained recognition for its outstanding role in the conservation of the environment. Its record was excellent in 2016, and this made it be appreciated by the British Safety Council by being offered the Globe of Honor Award. The reward has been dedicated to acknowledging companies that have established effective methods that are used in the management of environment pollution agents. The organization awarded only 18 companies.

OSI has been rated by Forbes as one of the top companies. Its growth has been facilitated by Sheldon Lavin, who currently serves it as the chief executive officer. He has excellent skills in the management of enterprises, and this made him be recognized by being offered the Global Visionary Award. The administrator managed to transform OSI from a small business to a group of companies that makes billions of dollars in revenue. The firm distributes its products internationally, and it has built 60 factories across the world.

The food processing company has focused on growing and offering a wide variety of products to the clients. It recently purchased Baho Foods, which was managed by the Dutch and has many clients across the Europe. The company opted not to disclose a lot of information about the deal since it is privately owned. The president of the OSI Group believes that Baho Food will significantly assist it in reaching more clients in the European Market.

Baho Food manufactures products in its five factories that are based in Netherlands and Germany. They are Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, and Bakx Foods. The products of the firm are currently distributed in 18 European countries. The MD of Baho Foods, John Balvers, will be made to be part of the OSI Group’s executive staff.

January 5

Don Ressler And The Increased Interest In Fashion

There are many reasons that more people are taking an interest in fashion. Among the reasons behind this is that people are noticing that there are more styles on Brandettes. There is more diversity and variety among the pieces that are offered in fashion. Therefore, people are better able to dress to their individual style. This is actually quite encouraging for people that want to look for ways to dress better.

One person who is a key player in the types of clothes that are offered in the fashion industry is Don Ressler. He is in fact someone that is always on the lookout for any gaps in the market. Don Ressler likes to be creative and bring new and unique products to the customers. However, he is not just about being unique for the sake of being unique. He is also paying attention to what the customers are buying so that he does not keep offering the items they don’w want. Don Ressler has a mindset that is revolutionizing the fashion industry on HuffingtonPost.com in more ways than one.

While there are the product lines of the fashion industry, Don Ressler is also very creative when it comes to the business model. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have decided on a business model that involves getting subscriptions and giving incentives. Subscribers do have to pay a fee. However, this fee allows users to save some extra money when they buy items from the online store. As an incentive, they are also given some items from the store for free based on the types of merchandise they buy. This encourages customers to continue shopping at the brands.

One of the brands that have been started by Don Ressler is Fabletics. This is actually the fastest growing brand because it sells unique forms of active wear at https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/. There is actually a stylishness to the active wear that is offered by Fabletics that is absent in the clothing that is offered at other stores. This brings about a ton of interest in the products that are being offered to the customers.

January 3

Throwing Money Away On High Interest Rates? Stop today!

Everyone has come to a place in their life where they realize they are throwing money away with an unrelenting, high interest rate. Month after month, they begrudgingly make their payments; eventually, they finally they have enough and say, “It’s time to slash my payments!”


Often when one comes to this epiphany, the thought of refinancing overwhelms them as they envision long, endless hours dealing with many different lenders. Adding insult to injury is that fact that their credit scores drop lower and lower with each call they make! Discouraged, one may wonder if they should even bother to continue their quest for financial relief.


Although refinancing appears like too much trouble to obtain, most people find that the pros far outweigh the cons of doing so. If your interest rate is too high, it is most definitely worth your time to lower it. Not only can it slash your monthly payment, but you most likely experience the immediate financial relief you have longed for.


Just a few percentage points could lower your payments by over $50 per month. That is over $600 per year! This is money that you could do so much more with than simply throwing it away on a high interest rate! Just think of the possibilities. You could go on a vacation, put it into savings, pay extra on the principle on your mortgage, or take your spouse out to dinner more often. Refinancing can even help you pay off your auto loan early!


While on your search for lenders, give the experts at Ignition Financial a try. They are very knowledgeable and guaranteed to match you up with the best refinancing options for you. You can even apply right on their website, www.ignitionfinancial.org.


Ignition Financial also has options to protect your refinanced loan in three critical areas: Unexpected and expensive vehicle repairs, if your primary insurance doesn’t pay off the loan should your car be totaled or stolen, and tire/wheel damage from hazardous roads.


They will guide you gently every step of the way so there is nothing to fear. Lower that stressful, pesky payment today!