November 25

Why Swiss Startups Are Celebrating The Presence Of Mike Baur In Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a broad area that offers endless possibilities and assures endless opportunities if pursued with an open mind. Mike Baur is among professionals whose passion for entrepreneurship saw him exit banking in 2014 and he is now happy to have made the decision. Mike is celebrated by many young and rising entrepreneurs for offering them a platform where they can launch and nurture their ideas. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has managed to incubate more than 30 startups since the program was established in 2014.


The program offers a three months incubation session where startups are allowed to learn the basics of running a business and they also benefit from ideas that further help them to develop their products. The Swiss Startup Factory has been working with highly experienced professionals who come up with unique ideas that shine light to the problems that many startups face.


Digital business strategy

Having a strategy for entering the current business world is the first step any entrepreneur should take to avoid getting into losses. Regardless of how unique an idea seems, the competition available in the market is no easy road to walk and only those who are creative and strong enough survive the challenges. That is why the Swiss Startup Factory emphasizes on startups understanding the digital infrastructure and implementing the ideas that are ideal to push for development and attainment of success.


The accelerator programs

Most importantly, the Swiss Startup Factory runs accelerator programs that are designed to equip the startups with special skills that help them to push through challenges in the market. This phase includes processes that allow the startups to learn about the market and the product they seek to present.


After the accelerator, the Swiss Startup Factory offers a post accelerator package that ensures all the information shared during the incubation period is incorporated in the running of the startup. Mike Baur is confident the program will take in more startups and mold the next big businesses of tomorrow. Currently the Swiss Startup Factory is the best-ranked Swiss incubation facility.


It has been offering solutions through experts and resources sourced from leading universities from across the country. With such support and a great platform, Mike Baur has received a lot of praise from different entrepreneurs.